Total Valve Services (TVS) is an Australian company specialised in valves and site services for the oil and gas, resources, power generation and defence industries.

TVS technicians have vast experience and expertise with all types of valves:

Safety Vacuum - Ball - Gate - Butterfly - Plug - Globe Stop - Check - Parallel - Slide

We have a number of NATA signatories in-house, all of whom are experienced at working in our own facilities as well as in client facilities, both onshore and offshore.

TVS have undertaken many large valve service campaigns in all types of environments, typically servicing many hundreds of valves in one campaign. We also have much experience in long-term maintenance contracts, shutdowns and emergency callouts.

Though TVS is in essence a stand-alone valve repair shop, it is also a division of Specialised Welding Australia. This provides us with the financial strength, global reach and centralised procurement benefits necessary to tackle the largest projects.

TVS operates a NATA accredited pressure testing laboratory and offers a complete valve overhaul, repair, refurbishing and certification service.

TVS, as pressure testing division of Specialised Welding, can perform hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure tests as per below max pressures:

Hydrostatic - 138 MPa (1380 bar, 20,000 psi )

Pneumatic - 69 MPa (690 bar, 10,000 psi)

We can offer:

  • Complete valve services, recertification, service, repair solutions, design modification, spares management
  • NATA accreditation
  • PSV management
  • Offsite, onsite and offshore service
  • Extensive valve repair and testing equipment, welding and machine tool shop
  • Electrical and instrumentation capability
  • Team of dedicated specialists
  • Complete services in-house
  • Comprehensive technician training
  • In Line Safety Valve Testing Services
  • Blasting and Painting to Procedures
  • Hydro testing of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pipe spools and hoses

Mobile Valve Testing Facilities

TVS offers fully equipped self-contained mobile testing laboratories. These laboratories are suitable for both onshore and offshore installations.

The mobile units are the basis for all repairs and testing carried out during shutdown work on customers' premises. The units are certified for all Marine compliance requirements offshore. Services are available anywhere - onshore, offshore and overseas.

TVS Collie

Since 2015, TVS has opened a fully operational workshop in Collie to support and cover the South WA Market requirements.

We are proud to be accredited to ISO 9001 to the latest standard. We are also recognised as a NATA accredited laboratory.




Total Valve Services